T-Rex (HTML5)

Dodge obstacles as you run from one of histories greatest predators the Tyrannosaurus Rex in this minimalist styled indie game.

  • T-Rex - Screenshot 001
  • T-Rex - Screenshot 002

Play T-Rex in your browser.

Form of the Destructor

This game was my entry for Ludum Dare 24's "You are the Villain". The game uses procedural generation to create a never ending city skyline. Playing as the monster the player's objective is to cause as much destruction as possible before being killed.

  • Form of the Destructor - Screenshot 001
  • Form of the Destructor - Screenshot 002

Form of the Destructor on IndieCity.

60 Second Click Challenge

I felt like making a super simple game in one sitting which would make use of the IndieCity leaderboards and achievements. The idea of the game is very simple, how many clicks can you achieve within sixty seconds.

  • 60 Second Click Challenge - Screenshot 001
  • 60 Second Click Challenge - Screenshot 002

The game makes for a great micro-time filler when waiting for other games to finish downloading or just have a couple of minutes to spare.

60 Second Click Challenge on IndieCity for FREE!

Monkey (working title)

Monkey is a 2D side scrolling platformer that was made for a monthly contest at work. I have gone for a classic tile based system which allows me to dynamically generate maps from a simple .txt file filled with an array of numbers.

  • Monkey - Screenshot 001
  • Monkey - Screenshot 002
  • Monkey - Screenshot 003
  • Monkey - Screenshot 004

A playable prototype of Monkey is available on the Indiecity Underground.


Snowfall is a point and click survival game in which players compete to survive as long as possible achieving a high score in the process.

  • Snowfall Menu - Screenshot 001
  • Snowfall Gameplay - Screenshot 002
  • Snowfall Instructions - Screenshot 003
  • Snowfall Score Screen - Screenshot 004

Snowfall was created as a mini-project to gain some knowledge of C# and XNA. The main goal of the project was to create a finished game whilst working to a time limit.

I was also keen to see what effect including leaderboards in the game would have and whether the user would be hooked in by competition from other players. I have had feedback from gamers where they felt compelled to play more in order to get higher up the leaderboard, which was pleasing to hear.

I hope everyone who plays the game enjoys it for its simplicity.

Snowfall on IndieCity.